Cellies Story

The Cellies™ Story
No matter how convenient cell phones are, they are quite a nuisance to carry around. I created Cellies because I was either missing calls and couldn’t hear my phone ringing or did not feel it vibrating in my bag; or I’d put it down somewhere and misplace it. I wanted something that allowed me to carry my phone hands-free and still be able to access it.

Made from stretch power mesh, Cellies are the stylish solution designed to hold all wireless devices including all cell phones, IPods, and any smartphones. Seamlessly fusing function and fashion, a convenient hands-free compartment securely holds your phone in place. The strong but transparent material provides viewers with touchable and visible access to their phones. Cellies have studded detailing, facetted stones and grommet cuffs artfully designed and inspired by Andrea Behar.

From constant feedings and diaper changes to running errands with little ones- all moms would agree that an extra "hand" would be a dream come true. Perfect for on-the-go or at home, Cellies allow moms to have their phone on their wrist without having the stress of dropping what their doing.

With all of the luring devices today's generation of phones come with, it's rare that you see a teen these days without a phone in hand. Now, Cellies allow teens to have that constant access to their phone that they crave.

Fitness Enthusiasts:
Whether going to the gym, a run, or cycling in their neighborhood, it's never easy to find a convenient place to store cell phones or iPods. Terry cloth Cellies are a perfect solution to hold either or- as they contain a security pocket to hold an iPod, money and even keys.

  • Available Colors:
    Black, Pink, White
  • Available Materials:
    Mesh, Terry Cloth
  • Overview:
    • Elastic pocket for security
    • Metal hardware
    • Dry-tech power mesh
    • Washable
    • One size fits all
  • Made in USA
  • Fits most wrist sizes and phones